Telescopic Flue Pipe


Single wall Flue Pipe – 316 1mm Stainless Steel

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Our Telescopic Pipe is available in 150mm, 175mm, 300mm and 500mm lengths

Comes designed with any easy to use socket/spigot and quick action clamp jointing system.

Pipe Details:

Material: Manufactured using 1mm thick 316L Stainless Steel.

Finish: 2B matt finish – suitable for painting

Note: All pipes come with a 40mm crimp that is designed to fit into the stove spigot or another pipe, therefore the overall useable length of pipe will be less than ordered.

Length (B – mm) Useable length (A – mm)
205mm 165 – 240*
330mm 290 – 490*
530mm 490 – 900*

* This allows for a 50mm internal overlap.

Internal Pipe Diameter (inches) Internal Pipe Diameter (mm)
4″ 102.3mm
5″ 127.5mm
6″ 153.2mm
7″ 178.0mm
8″ 203.4mm
9″ 228.0mm
10″ 254.3mm

Suitable for use on applications fired by gas, oil and solid fuel, and can be used to fuel all types of domestic appliances.

Approvals:  HETAS Approved & CE approved EN 1856-2:2009 T450 N1 D Vm L40100-G500 


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4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10"


150mm, 175mm, 300mm, 500mm


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